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The Frequency of Soul Art

What is a true artist? Somebody who uses his or her self expression to earn money? No, my believe is that a true artist is somebody who creates from an inner necessity, a burning of the soul, a longing of the heart – and hereby, he or she uses the genius groove which we all have acces to (if we dare) to help to expand the global consciousness to the next density. As Kandinsky writes; 'Every man who steeps himself in the spiritual possibilities of his art is a valuable helper in the building of the spiritual pyramid which will some day reach to heaven.' As becomes clear in this quote, there is a certain promise in self expression that opens up the spiritual world. Creativity heals, and, if expressed with the right intensions, the products of creativity not only heal the artist but have the potential to heal the onlooker – since everything is frequency, it is the frequency radiating from the artwork that generates this healing potential.

The frequency that an artwork emits is determined by several factors. First of all, there is the composition of the artwork – a painting has to have a balanced composition, both when looked upon in color and when looked upon through black and white glasses. Furthermore, the energy flow over the canvas has to make sense since it determines the 'logic' of the painting. If you have opened your third eye you will notice that the energetic reality forming the dynamic, fluid unified web that the universe is flows with certain patterns – very logical considering the sacral geometry underlying the building blocks of this grande cosmic spectacle. The latest scientific inquiry into the depths of physics show that on a quantum level reality comes into being through five fundamental geometrical shapes that shift between two dimensions, forming matter and anti-matter (side note: this is not new knowledge, these building blocks are called the Platonic solids pictured below – Plato already described them and he got this knowledge from the ancient civilizations mainstream media have been ignoring for at least a century now). If you understand this process, you will also understand that the intention set by the artist while making the piece is stored as information in the paint; hereby forming the fourth factor determining the frequency of an artwork – intention.

For me, it is the last factor that is the decisive one when one tries too understand what forms the difference between 'good' and 'bad' art. Personally I have the feeling that our society, since Andy Warhol commercialized art, has chosen to monetary reward artist that are not creating from an authentic intention, artist like Damien Hirst, who seem to make art for the sake of making money. Warhol his thinking fucked the art game seriously: instead of opening people their eyes to the fact that creative expression is the most fundamental human trait, separating us from the other known living species in the universe, his capitalistic, greedy, egoistic, selfish nature decided to set up a game in which the masses were told everybody should be able to BUY an artwork. Fucking bullshit in my eyes: it is a reversal of everything art should stand for.

I believe that it is our duty as true artist to change the game, not participating in it without showing the flaws of our economic system. A good example for me is Banksy and his self destructive painting. An event like this, through its paradoxical nature, has the potential to change the way we think about how we give monetary value to things and hereby awaken people to the messed up illusion that is trapping our species for almost 5000 years now.

Wakie wakie people, reality is changing. Last change this round: you want to reincarnate on a higher density or stay stuck on this 3d plane for another 25600 years?

Stay real, stay humble, stay rebellious.

With love,


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