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The irrationality of logical thinking

The CERN in Swiss is the current avant-garde of the scientific world, the mekka of Scientism, the holy land of physics. In a 27 km long loop scientist are playing destruction derby with what we are told to belief are the fundamental building blocks of reality, creating collisions that should give us more insight into the nature of reality and help us to further expand our technological advancement. But what drives this longing to go ever deeper into the quantum world? What promise lies hidden in the unknown depths of the world inhabited by leptons, gravitons, chameleons and branons?

Personally, I belief that technological advancement is not the only motivation that drives the scientist involved, but that there is a deeper longing hidden in the collective subconsciousness: to get into touch with the divine. Why? Because of the philosophical foundation of our scientific thinking, a ground that has been thought out by the great Aristoteles some 2000 years ago.

Aristoteles believed that scientific inquiry is based on the study of things that exist or happen in the world, and rises from understanding of our surroundings to knowledge of the universal. This way of reasoning can clearly be seen in the research conducted in the CERN: by colliding particles we are able to see that these little darlings are build out of even more fundamental pieces of force, and if we can only understand what is happening we eventually will reach a theory of everything - a grand, unifying structure of thought that is able to explain all physical events in the whole universe. For the believers of Scientism and their religious faith in empiric inquiry, this is as close to God as we are able to come. The quest for the understanding of the quantum world is thus in essence a quest for the divine.

Personally, I belief this is human arrogance functioning at it's highest level. Why? Because we are humans, perceiving and acting through human eyes, always watching that which unfolds with our limited sense perception - a perception that is already very limited for these physicians since their heaven can only come into existence through empirical evidence. Unfortunately, the scientific way of reasoning has slowly taken over Western society since the beginning of Enlightenment thinking in the 16th century, pushing other ways of perceiving and judging the world to the side to play a minor role in the grand theatre of life, which has resulted in the power addicted control paradigm which rules society nowadays. Like mindless zombies we are letting our lives rule by the tide of our agenda, numbers are replacing individuals, thinking has replaced feeling and we are drifting further and further away from the intuitive way of being that was our normal state when we were still hunter-gatherers (which on an evolutionary scale was yesterday late in the evening).

The rise of the modern economic system has brought us an increase in welfare - but at which costs? The earth, obviously - we are but a second away of catastrophic climate change that will fundamentally alter everything as we know it - but she does not seem to be the only victim of the madness that rules our world: statistics show that mental illnesses have been on a steady rise since the 60´s (probably longer but no records were kept - Foucault's madness and civilisation is a pearl if you are interested in the cultural framing of mental issues in western society). What once was a handy tool to perceive patterns in our environment in order to gain an evolutionary advantage has become an arch enemy for many of us nowadays: our mind. At the same time, the mind can also be a portal for divine inspiration used to fulfil our most important role on this planet: finding joy through creative self expression.

One of the most general experienced difficulties with the mind is the phenomenon of overthinking - don´t we all have experience with a mind racing like Schumacher in an f1 car, high on meth, locked up in a hamster wheel: loop loop loop loop loop loop, undirected negative thoughts pulling all power out of the subconsciousness through repetition of negative self affirmations. Live can turn into a hell when you experience this. Gone is all self confidence, self love and self esteem, sacrificed in order to escape.. what? Taking control over the self? Ho, stop George, different line of thoughts.

So, where were we, there seem to be at least two ways of thinking: the mind as a tool for mental automutilation or as an instrument of divine expression. There are many more mind-modes, but let's stick too these two for now and see if we can identify the underlying metaphysical assumptions that lead to these completely different ways of thinking through an exploration and comparison of two philosophical paradigms of science. I hope a different view on the foundation of logic and the consequence this has for the truth of science can help you to stop overthinking because you are able to see throught the illusions of the mind.

Oh and if you want to be completely updated on the latest developments concerning the origins and role of humanity, check this genius out. If you don't want to be awakened, watch it anyway, if you care about your children that is.

Stay safe, stay light and have fun playing.

Keep your head up.




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